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The Tarot Guide has suspended all Tarot reading services and will not be accepting new Tarot bookings until further notice. We will announce on the site and on our social media pages when services resume. Stay tuned! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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The traditional Tarot is a deck of 78 cards which is divided into two sets, The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 trump cards which represent more significant stages of life and the journey of the soul through life. The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards in four suits (Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands) similar in format to a regular deck of playing cards. The cards were originally used for playing games and were developed in 15th-century Italy. Tarot can be used to gain insight into one’s life, for self-development, to tap in to intuition and to predict future events.   

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What are tarot cards?

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Are tarot cards dangerous?

There are so many misconceptions out there about tarot cards. Some people fear the cards and believe them to be dangerous, evil or a form of black magic. They are banned in some religions and an integral part of others. In my experience, there is nothing evil or dangerous about the cards themselves. Tarot can provide clarity, guidance and hope. At the same time, just like a butter-knife can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so too can a tarot card if used incorrectly, maliciously or without common sense. Becoming obsessed with consulting the cards can have bad consequences. Likewise, a reading given by an unethical or inexperienced Tarot reader can be detrimental. So always check your tarot reader’s code of ethics and don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience or reading style or what they will/will not predict. An ethical tarot reader will not predict certain events such as deaths. They will try to bring positivity and guidance to you, not scare the living daylights out of you! If you are scared of your reading, remember you always have freewill and you can change your outcome. Above all use your common sense! If you believe you’ve gotten a tarot reading from a fake or a con artist (unfortunately, there are some out there!) then take anything negative they told you and just throw it away! It’s that simple, a reading can only have a negative effect on your life if you let it. And if you want a meaningful reading do use a professional, free online tarot readings are everywhere online but with these you usually get what you pay for! A good professional tarot reading can be transformative, empowering and fun!

How accurate are tarot readings?

Tarot readings can be very accurate. I’ve regularly pinpointed information about my clients in readings that only my clients knew. At the same time, I would recommend with any reading that you focus on the overall message and guidance of the reading rather than getting too preoccupied with the details. No matter how experienced or how clairvoyant a tarot reader is, no tarot reader can guarantee 100% accuracy. Tarot cards are open to interpretation and as such can be misinterpreted. Aside from that, the cards will not give us information you are not meant to have. We don’t know everything! It’s a good idea to keep a record of your reading, mark off events as they happen and then judge the reading for yourself.

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Can you predict the future with tarot cards?

Tarot can predict your likely future, if you continue down the path you are on. They can also show you the alternative paths available to you. However, the Tarot is meant for guidance only and future predictions are not set in stone. Every action you take or don’t take, affects the outcome of your future. So really, your future outcome depends on you. You are the master of your own destiny.  

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Is there anything you will not predict?

I will not predict births or deaths. I will not diagnose health conditions or predict the outcome of a health problem, so please don’t ask. I will not give readings on others without their consent. I may tell you about other people in your life in so far as they relate to you, but no more than that. If you want to know about someone else’s private life, please ask them. 

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ABSOLUTELY! Tarot Cards provide guidance. You are the master of your own destiny. If you do not like the outcome of your reading, you have the free will to change it. Tarot Cards should never been seen as a definitive prediction of the future but rather as a warning of what may happen is you continue down the wrong path or encouragement that you are on the right path, depending on your reading. If you do not like the path you are on, you and you alone can change that. If you do change, the cards predictions can also change. 

Do I have the power to change the outcome of my reading?

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Of course! Sometimes a client will ask a question and the answer will not be available. Sometimes the answer might not be straightforward. If I can’t get an answer, I will give you any information I can get to hopefully shed a bit more light on the subject.

Are you ever unable to answer a question?

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Anyone over 18 years of age who has the capacity to consent to a reading may get a reading from me excluding people who fall under the exclusions listed below (see next question). By booking a reading you confirm that you are 18 or over, that you consent to a reading and that you are capable of doing so.

Who can have a tarot reading?

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Yes, I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading under the following circumstances:

  • If you are under 18 years of age. 

  • If I feel that doing so could negatively affect your mental health. I would advise anyone with a history of mental illness which has resulted in psychotic episodes, delusions or paranoia against having a tarot reading so as not to aggravate your existing condition. If you have mental health issues, please seek the proper help from health care professionals. The services I provide are not a substitute for professional mental health services nor should they ever take the place of a doctor, lawyer, or any other licensed professional.

  • If I sense you are becoming dependent on/ addicted to tarot readings.

  • If I sense you are trying to gain information about someone else without their consent/knowledge.

  • If you ask me to predict deaths, births or the outcome of illnesses or to diagnose health issues.

  • If you ask me for readings about hexes, curses or demonic forces. While everyone is welcome to their beliefs, my readings are based on the concept that each individual is the master of their own destiny and my focus is always on how you can determine your outcome through personal responsibility for your own choices, decisions and behaviours. I do not remove hexes and I do not provide readings on hexes, curses or demonic forces.  

  • If I sense you are drunk, impaired or under the influence of a mind altering substance.

  • If I sense that you are in a distressed or anxious state. It is best not to get tarot readings if you are in a distressed state as your readings can be influenced by extreme emotional turmoil as can your absorption of the guidance provided.

  • If you repeatedly ask the same question hoping for a different answer. If you don’t like the outcome of a reading I would encourage you to consider taking positive steps in your life to change your situation. Asking the cards the same question repeatedly does not work and wastes my time and yours. That does not mean you cannot ask for further clarification to a previous answer but I will not tolerate people asking the same question repeatedly, trying to change the answer. I may refuse to work with you in future if you send me the same questions repeatedly.

  • If you are rude, abusive or disrespectful, aggressive, pushy or deceptive. Firstly, I will not tolerate ill treatment. Secondly, there may be things that you are not meant to know yet. The tarot cards give me the information needed to guide you. You cannot demand a certain answer from the cards, it doesn’t work like that and I cannot work with pushy or aggressive people as pressure clouds my ability to give an impartial reading. With regards to deception, while I understand some people may be sceptical about tarot reading, if you are planning on being purposely deceptive, you will be wasting your money, your time and my time. I take the questions you ask in good faith. So if you are planning on providing misleading information or asking questions that don’t relate to your life, expect to receive a reading that doesn’t make sense or to be refused a reading completely. If you try to confuse the cards, they will confuse you right back. If I sense you are being deceptive I will refuse your reading and any future readings.

  • If I cannot connect with you. Some people cannot be read, some people cannot be read at certain times and some people can only be read by certain tarot readers. If I cannot read you, before you panic, please note that this does NOT mean you’re doomed or that you have no future, it’s just the way it goes sometimes. If sense that I cannot connect with you, I will refuse to read you.

Please note that I reserve the right to refuse any reading without explanation. Please do not take it personally if I decline to read you, I do not mean to offend. If I refuse to do your reading, I will refund your booking fee in full. Repeated attempts to rebook a refused/declined reading may result in administration charges.

Are there any circumstances under which you will refuse to do a reading?

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  • You can ask about any area of your life: Love, Relationships, Finances, Career, Spirituality and the list goes on! If you book a 60-minute Skype, WhatsApp or telephone reading, you can ask as many questions as we can get through in the time you have booked. 30-minute Skype, WhatsApp or telephone readings are limited to one topic or question only. Email readings are charged per topic or question. If you exceed the number of questions allowed for the type of email reading you have booked, you will be contacted to reduce the questions to the permitted amount and your reading may be delayed. 

  • A general question will result in a general reading so if you want to know something specific, please ask a specific question. 

  • If you are asking a question that could be interpreted multiple ways, please clarify what/who you are asking about i.e. if you’re asking about your job and you have two jobs, you will need to specify which job you’re asking about.

  • Questions should be open ended not closed as the cards will respond better to open questions. If you have a specific closed question, please try to rephrase it. Alternatively, I will try and rephrase it for you. E.g. “Will I get married?” could be reworded to “What will happen in my love life?” or “what will the outcome of my current relationship be in relation to commitment?” This more open type of phrasing allows the cards to give you more information of the circumstances surrounding the outcome as well as the outcome. 

  • You may also include any information you feel is important for me to know. However, please note, as a general rule, I ask my clients not to tell me too much background information before a reading. So unless you feel it’s essential to me asking a question on your behalf, you don’t need to include details.

  • Oh and before you ask, I can’t tell you the winning lotto numbers. If I knew them, I’d play them myself!

What questions can I ask the cards and how should I phrase my questions?

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In order to provide an email reading I require your name and email address so I can send your reading to you. As you will not be physically present at your reading I require your date of birth to be able to connect to you so I can shuffle and select the cards on your behalf and to confirm you are old enough to get a reading. I require the question(s) you wish to ask the tarot cards. For Skype or WhatsApp readings, I require your name, date of birth and your email address so I can contact you to schedule your reading. Please let me know when I contact you to arrange your Skype reading, if the email associated with your Skype account is different to the one you provided at booking, please let me know as failure to disclose this could result in a missed booking.

What information do you need from me and why?

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Email readings are normally issued within 12 business days of the payment being received. However, on some occasions (peak busy periods, bank holidays, holidays, illness etc) it may take longer so up to 15 working days should be allowed. If you have booked a Skype or WhatsApp reading, I will contact you by email to schedule an appointment time for the reading. Please ensure you check your spam filters if you do not receive an email from me or put on your safe list. Skype/WhatsApp readings are done between 15:00 and 19:00 hrs (Irish time) Mon-Friday and I try to schedule the readings as soon as possible. However, the preferred booking date or time you select at the time of booking cannot be guaranteed, you will be contacted after booking to arrange a time and date for your reading. .

I booked a reading, how soon will I receive it?

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I will call you via Skype or WhatsApp at your scheduled appointment time. I would recommend that you sign into Skype or are available on WhatsApp at least 10 minutes prior to your reading. If you are not signed into Skype or are unreachable at your scheduled appointment time, I will make two further attempts to contact you within 5 minutes of that time. If you do not answer by the third attempt, your reading will be classed as a missed appointment and no refund will be given. If you answer on the 2nd or 3rd call, any time you have missed will be deducted from the reading time you have booked. Missed readings will not be refunded. If you are unavailable or cannot make your scheduled appointment, please let me know in advance and I will try to reschedule you. Please note: this is subject to availability and not guaranteed. Missed/Cancelled appointments are subject to the cancellation policy in our terms and conditions. If you notify me of not being able to make it to your Skype or WhatsApp appointment less than 48 hours before the appointment, I will not reschedule you and no refund will be given. Please note that The Tarot Guide allocates appointment times in Irish Time, if you are booking from outside of Ireland you will need to factor in the time difference when agreeing to an appointment time. For instance, if you book an appointment with me for 16:00hrs Irish time and you live in a timezone that is 5 hours behind Ireland, you will need to be signed in and waiting on Skype/WhatsApp at 11:00hrs in your local time.

What happens if I miss my Skype/WhatsApp reading or if I'm online later than agreed?

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The length of Skype/WhatsApp reading you should book, depends on what you want to ask about. If your question relates to a topic that you need indepth guidance on or if you want a reading that focuses on multiple areas of your life, you must book a 60-minute reading. 30-minute sessions are restricted to a single topic or single question. So, if you only have a quick question, want a less indepth reading on a topic or if you want a follow-up reading on a topic we've already covered, a 30-minute session may suffice. If you still have questions by the time your session runs out then you will need to book another reading as, for the sake of keeping my other appointments, I cannot go over the time allowed. 

What length Skype/WhatsApp reading should I book and what happens if I run out of time?

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Unfortunately not, I had to suspend all in-person and group services due to the global pandemic and, as most of my clients have realised how much easier it is to have their readings by videocall and prefer it that way now, I have taken the decision to no longer provide in-person readings or group services. If you would like a one-to-one session with me, Skype or WhatsApp readings work exactly the same way, the only difference is you don't have to travel to reach me so it's hassle free and just as informative! Email readings are also available if Skype or WhatsApp doesn't suit.  

I had an in-person Tarot reading with you before, is that still an option?

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Are your Tarot card meanings or flashcards available to buy or download? 

The Tarot card meanings on The Tarot Guide are not currently available in a book or pdf format. However, a book version is in development, as are the flashcards. If you would like to be the first to know when they become available, you can subscribe for updates here

Do you have a code of ethics?

Yes, my code of ethics is as follows:



I will treat the information my clients give me as confidential and will not disclose what is revealed in their readings unless at their express request, if ordered by a court or in the event of a life threatening situation.



I will treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference.



I will interpret my clients readings honestly and to the best of my ability. I will not impose information on them that they have specifically asked not to be told or have advised they do not wish to explore. I will always strive to make readings as positive as possible and I believe there is a silver lining to be found even in the worst situations. At the same time, I will not sugar coat information for my clients, I will give as accurate and honest a reading as I possibly can. If for any reason I am unable to read a client, I will admit so freely.  



The services I provide are not a substitute for professional mental health services nor should they ever take the place of a doctor, lawyer, or any other licensed professional. In these cases, I will encourage my clients to seek the assistance of a relevant professional.


Empowerment and Responsibility

I will encourage my clients to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions and to always act in accordance with their own conscience. My goal is always to empower my clients to make positive, practical and life affirming choices. I will strive to provide a positive message in every reading. I will advise my clients that they can affect the outcome of any reading and that they have free will and personal responsibility. I will never deliberately attempt to alarm or frighten my clients. I will not allow my clients to become overly dependent on my readings and will not pressure them to purchase additional readings or services.



As the future is not set in stone and the smallest action can change the course of a life, I will never predict deaths, births or the outcomes of illnesses. I will not perform a reading that is specifically about a third party without that person’s consent. I reserve the right to refuse to do such a reading even with consent. I also reserve the right to refuse a reading if I believe the client is under 18 or does not have the capacity to consent to a reading.

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