Four of Swords

Upright Meaning Guide

Four of Swords Upright Tarot Card Key Meanings:

Fear, anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, mental overload, needing solitude, relaxation, rest, peace and quiet, sanctuary, meditation, regrouping, recuperation, hospitalisation, introspection, planning for the future, contemplation, self-protection, spiritual counselling or support, having faith

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

In a general context, the Four of Swords represents fear, anxiety and stress. You will be feeling overwhelmed and mentally overloaded when it appears. This Minor Arcana tells you that the issues you are facing are actually not as bad as you believe them to be and there are solutions available. However, it suggest that you are allowing negativity to set in and becoming so overwhelmed that you cannot see the woods for the trees. This card is more to do with your mental state than any problems you are facing. Relax, regroup and contemplate your situation in a calm rational way. If you leave aside your fears and logically plan for the future, you will find a way forward. The Four of Swords Tarot card also indicates that you are in need of peace and quiet, introspection, rest, relaxation and sanctuary. It is a card of recuperation and hospitalisation. And it signifies having faith or receiving spiritual counselling or support.   

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship the Four of Swords can indicate that you and your partner are taking time out to rest, regroup and reconnect in your relationship. Fear, anxiety and stress have left you and your partner feeling in need of some peace and quiet. One of both of you may have disconnected from the relationship or is seeking solitude as a reaction to the overwhelming pressure you are feeling at the moment. Some quality time away from the stress is needed to help you both to reconnect, remember why you are together and plan how you are going to deal with stress in the future. If you are single, the Four of Swords can signify that you need some introspection and solitude in order to contemplate what you really want in a partner. Do not allow fear about being single overwhelm you. If you jump into a relationship solely out of fear of being single, it will not work out well for you! The right person will often come into our lives when we’re not looking for them. 

In a career Tarot reading, the Four of Swords indicates that you are really feeling the pressure in work! Stress and worries are overwhelming you and leading to mental overload. This Minor Arcana card indicates that you are finding it hard to cope and need some rest and relaxation so you can regroup and get yourself back on track. In a financial Tarot spread, the Four of Swords signifies that you have been under financial pressure for quite some time and it’s now at the point where you are so overwhelmed with the pressure that you don’t believe things can change. That is, however, only your perception. It’s not as bad as you think it is! There is always a solution. You need to try and relax and gather your thoughts. Don’t allow negativity to cloud your thoughts. 

Money & Career (Upright)

Health (Upright)

In a health Tarot reading, the Four of Swords can indicate that you need rest or recuperation as such it can be indicative of being hospitalised. This card can indicate that anxiety related illnesses may be exasperated at this time, try to take some time out to relax and reboot.


Spirituality (Upright)

In a spiritual context, the Four of Swords can indicate that you may be in need of solitude or sanctuary. You need to slow down and listen to your inner wisdom. Meditation would be good for you at this time. You may receive spiritual counselling and support at this time. If you have been going through a tough time, this card tells you to have faith as you will come through this. 

Reversed Meaning Guide

Four of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:

Finding mental strength, awakening, re-joining the world, coming out of isolation, recovering slowly, healing, mental breakdown/ collapse, burn-out, restlessness, not taking care of yourself, lack of self-protection, not accepting counselling or support, losing faith

General meaning and interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the Four of Swords reversed represents awakening and finding mental strength. You will be coming out of isolation after a period of solitude or mental overload and re-joining the world. This Minor Arcana tells you that you are slowly recovering and that healing is possible. Alternatively, the Four of Swords Tarot card reversed can indicate that your stress or anxiety levels have reached such a point that burn-out or mental breakdown or collapse is imminently possible if you don’t start taking care of yourself. You will be experiencing extreme levels of anxiety and a sense of restlessness when it appears.  

Love & Relationships (Reversed)

In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship the Four of Swords reversed can indicate that your relationship is slowly recovering after a difficult period. Alternatively, it can indicate that the stress and anxiety you and your partner are experiencing has spiralled and is pushing your relationship to breaking point. Look to supporting card to confirm this. If you are single, the Four of Sword reversed can indicate a period of recovery and healing after releasing yourself from a bad relationship or the end of the mourning period after bereavement. You are slowly getting ready to come out of isolation and re-join the world. Alternatively, it can indicate that your fears and anxieties have gotten to you so much that you have completely lost faith that you will ever have a happy relationship. You may need to accept counselling or support, even though you do not believe it will do any good, it may help you get some perspective and positivity back so you can move forward.

Money & Career (Reversed)

In a career Tarot reading, the Four of Swords reversed can indicate that you may be going back to work after a break, illness or other period of time off. You may have needed to take this time off to get your stress levels under control and now you feel able to manage your work and work environment. Make sure you have strategies for coping with stress. Alternatively, this Minor Arcana card can indicate that your levels of stress or anxiety in your career have reached boiling point and it may be time to start consider looking for a new job. Ask yourself if any job is worth it if it makes you this unhappy? Perhaps you are meant to do something else. In a financial Tarot spread, the Four of Swords reversed signifies that your finances are recovering after a period of difficulty. You should be feeling relieved of the pressure. Alternatively, the Four of Swords reversed can indicate that you are completely overwhelmed with financial pressures and heading for burn-out. However, it suggests that you are not accepting the help and support that is available to you. If you are struggling with debt there are organisations that can assist you, you just have to accept the help!    

Health (Reversed)

In a health Tarot reading, the Four of Swords reversed can either indicate healing and recovery after a period of poor mental or physical health or it can indicate pushing yourself so far or not taking care of yourself to the point that you burn out!  It can also indicate a mental or nervous breakdown.

In a spiritual context, the Four of Swords reversed can indicate that you have lost your faith or are experiencing some sort of spiritual crisis brought about by fear and anxiety. You may have been offered spiritual counselling or support but have rejected it when this card appears in your Tarot spread. Rest, meditation and grounding are even more important at this time as this card indicates that you need to protect and take care of yourself.      

Spirituality (Reversed)

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