Inner strength, courage, bravery, confidence, compassion, taming, control, overcoming self-doubt


Upright Meaning Guide

Strength Tarot Card Key Meanings:

General meaning and interpretation (Upright)

The Strength Tarot card is the Major Arcana card of inner strength. It represents mastering raw emotions in order to bring calm to yourself or a situation. It is similar to the Chariot in that it represents overcoming challenges. However, the Strength card usually refers to inner challenges. Overcoming the obstacles we face in relation to our own doubts, fears and anxieties. In a general context this card indicates that you are learning to master your fears and anxieties, to be courageous and daring. You have all the skills you need to be successful, the focus now is to conquer your inner worries and believe in yourself. Take the time you need to master your emotions, be patient and compassionate with yourself and you will find a new confidence in yourself and your abilities. Strength, as well as being representative of taming your emotions, can also represent taming someone else’s wild ways. This is not done by trying to dominate the other person but by gentle coaxing, positive reinforcement, encouragement and compassion. 

Love & Relationships (Upright)

Strength is the Major Arcana card that represents the Leo star sign so a relationship with a Leo may be on the cards if this appears. If you are single the Strength card is an indicator that now is a great time to meet someone as your confidence will be shining through. It can also be an indicator of a relationship coming up with someone who has a bit of a wild side. This can be an exciting prospect but if this person is too wild you may feel the need to tame them somewhat. If you do want to tame them, coax them gently, don’t try to dominate them. For those already in a relationship, Strength is generally a good indicator that you are a strong couple, close and united. If your relationship has gone through a lot of emotional upheaval, this card suggest that you are starting to get back on top of it and that any problems you faced in the past have actually brought you closer together.

Money & Career (Upright)

In a career context Strength indicates that now is the time to master your emotions and forge ahead. You have the skills, you have the potential, you just need to be brave and believe in yourself. Don’t let fear of failure or fear of looking foolish hold you back from doing what you want to do and reaching your potential. If you want that promotion, go for it. If you feel like you are being overlooked, make yourself known. If you’ve always thought you could run your own business, believe in yourself and make it happen. Financially, avoid impulsive decisions when it comes to spending. That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend but make sure any purchases or investments are thought through properly and not based on an emotional impulse.

Health (Upright)

The Strength Tarot Card in a health context is a great card to get. It usually an indicator of good or improving health and feeling fit as a fiddle. If you have been ill, Strength reversed can represent overcoming an illness or beginning to get your strength back. It also shows the body and mind coming back into balance. Now is a good time to make positive changes to make your lifestyle healthier, especially those that require you to exercise more self-control.

Spirituality (Upright)

In a spirituality context the Strength Tarot card indicates a growing connection to your higher self. This connection to your higher self will give you more inner strength and balance than you dared to dream possible. The more energy you put into cultivating this connection, the more harmony is will bring to you, leading to the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.  If you have been going through a tough time, this card is a reminder that you do have the strength to endure and that things will get better.

Reversed Meaning Guide

Strength Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:

Vulnerability, self-doubt, weakness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling inadequate

General meaning and interpretation (Reversed)

When the Strength Tarot card appears reversed in your Tarot reading, it indicates that you are not tapping into the inner strength you have. It is does not indicate a lack of strength so much as it indicates that you are letting fear, anxiety or low self-esteem paralyse you. Now more than ever you need to summon your inner resolve and self-belief to pull you out of your current situation. You have the strength you need to get over your obstacles. You have simply lost touch with it and that disconnection is leaving you feeling weak, vulnerable and lacking confidence. Focus on the positive, stay away from people who make you feel inadequate and spend time with people who build you up. 

Love & Relationships (Reversed)

The Strength Tarot reversed in a love Tarot reading if you are single can indicate that lack of impulse control or unresolved self-esteem issues may be leading you to choose the wrong partners. This can become a vicious circle as bad relationships negatively affect your self-esteem. You need to resolve these issues and summon your inner strength and confidence and believe that you deserve better. If you are in a relationship, Strength reversed can indicate that while your relationship is strong, low self-esteem may be leaving you feeling unworthy of the love you are receiving. This in turn may lead you to act impulsively and behave in manner that is not a true reflection of the feelings you have for your partner. Don’t let your anxiety or fear create problems where there are none.

Money & Career (Reversed)

The Strength Tarot reversed is similar to the upright meaning, in that it indicates that you need to be brave and have self-belief to get ahead in your career. In the reversed position in a career Tarot reading, this Major Arcana card is a stronger indicator that you have been letting fear and anxiety hold you back. Fear of failure can be paralysing if you allow it to be. Let go of the self-doubt, it doesn’t serve you. You have more inner strength, skill and ability than you realise. You just have to believe in yourself. Once you start to gain confidence you will find more direction and focus. Others will notice this change. Financially, Strength reversed is a stronger indicator not to be impulsive with your finances now. You may have money in abundance at the moment but you don’t know how long that will last for, be smart with your money.

Health (Reversed)

In a health context, Strength in reversal is still an indicator of good health. However, you may be lacking in self-control which could be leading to bad habits that negatively affect your health. Try to reconnect with your inner self control and tackle these bad habits one at a time. Don’t try to do everything at once.  Small regular changes will accumulate into a big positive change.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, Strength reversed is an indicator that you have a strong connection to spirit but emotional worries a stopping you from sensing the connection. Try to let go of anxiety and self-doubt to bring this connection to the forefront. You will feel the benefits. 

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