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Wheel of Fortune

Upright Meaning Guide

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Key Meanings:

General meaning and interpretation (Upright)

The Wheel of Fortune is generally an indicator of luck or destiny and it is a Major Arcana signifier of change. When the Wheel of Fortune appears upright in your Tarot reading big changes are coming. These changes should be for your greater good, but remember not all change is easy even if it’s leading you to your destiny! The upright Wheel of Fortune signals that the universe is working in your favour to help you reach your goals. Make sure you make the most of this time by focusing your intention on what you truly want! Know that the universe has a plan for you even if that plan is not clear to you at this point. The Wheel of Fortune also represents the ever-changing cycles we go through in life. We must learn to accept this process as part of living, even if it’s uncomfortable at times. This trump card is also a karma card so remember to be nice to people on your way up, you may be meeting them again on your way back down!

Love & Relationships (Upright)

If you are in a relationship, Wheel of Fortune in an upright position normally indicates a positive change so you could be taking the next step in your relationship or starting a new phase with your partner or even some sort of joint project. At the same time, the change the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card brings can be difficult. If you have been finding that you are no longer content in a relationship, this card can signal an upheaval. That could be you and your partner shaking things up and making much needed changes to improve your relationship or it could be a breakup that will leave you free to move onto better things. Whatever happens, it will lead you to where you are supposed to be. If you are single, Wheel of Fortune in your Tarot reading can indicate that the universe is working to bring you the love you deserve but you have to work with the universe! You have good fortune coming in love so now is the time to put yourself out there, get out and meet new people. Make sure you are discerning about exactly what you want in a partner as you have an opportunity to get just that with this card making an appearance in your Tarot spread. The Wheel of Fortune is also a card of destiny so in a love context it can signify soulmates. If you are single you may be meeting yours soon. If you are in a relationship, it may indicate that you and your partner are meant to be! Look to the supporting cards to confirm this. 

Money & Career (Upright)

In a career context, again the upright Wheel of Fortune is usually a good omen and an indicator of big changes coming. If you’ve always wanted to start your own business or you’ve been considering a career change now is a good time to make the change. The universe is conspiring to help you reach your dreams so now is the moment to go for whatever you’ve been hoping for in your career. If you are happy and stable in your career, Wheel of Fortune can still be an indicator of changes coming. Even if these changes are challenging for you, they will ultimately lead to bigger and better things so embrace the change and try to go with the flow as much as possible. Financially, Wheel of Fortune also indicates change, if you have been consistently comfortable money wise, it cautions you to be prepared for the unexpected and make sure you put something by for a time when you may need it. If you’ve been experiencing financial difficulties the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card upright is an indicator that things are going to improve for you as you will have good financial luck. 

Health (Upright)

Again change is the theme of Wheel of Fortune in a health reading. So if you’ve been battling health issues the wheel may start to turn in your favour. Likewise you may experience some health issues that force you to make a necessary adjustment in your life. For instance, if you’ve been pushing yourself too far mentally, physically or emotionally, you may find a bout of illness forces you to slow down and take things easy.  This may simply be the universe’s way of telling you that you need to take better care of yourself. So heed the warning and make positive adjustments that are kind to your body and health.

Spirituality (Upright)

Fate is smiling on you with the Wheel of Fortune in an upright position. In a spiritual context, you should use this time to develop and grow. The universe is guiding you on this spiritual path but you must also play your part and seize the opportunities that are opening up for you. You may find that situations just fall into place to help you along the way and that you meet spiritual people who can assist and guide you just as you need them. You may notice a lot of synchronicity happening at this time, signs and symbols are all around you.  

Reversed Meaning Guide

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:

Bad luck, upheaval, disorder, external forces, lack of control, disruption, unwelcome change, delays, set backs

General meaning and interpretation (Reversed)

In a general context, the Wheel of Fortune reversed Tarot card still indicates change but this change is likely to be negative and unwelcome. The reversed Wheel of Fortune is a strong indicator that there is a challenging time ahead and that the change coming may be difficult to adjust to. It can represent that things had been going well and have suddenly and quite unexpectedly fallen apart. This sudden deterioration can leave you feeling powerless, out of control and as if external forces are working against you. However, that is not the case. While there may be some outside factors, the current situation is most likely a result of decisions you made. You will need to take control of your situation and ownership of your choices in order to learn from this situation. Although things may be tough with the Wheel of Fortune in reverse, there is a big opportunity for you to learn karmic lessons here that will help you move on to a brighter and better future, seize the opportunity and don’t resist change. These ups and downs are part of life and often we learn more from hardship than we do from good fortune.

Love & Relationships (Reversed)

In a love context, if you are in a relationship the Wheel of Fortune Tarot reversed can represent stagnancy or the sparkle going out of the relationship. That doesn’t mean that you should automatically make a knee-jerk decision to end the relationship as all relationships have their ups and downs. You may just be moving from one phase of a relationship to another and this could be a little slump in between. Try and assess the situation and find what works for you. Either way this time of upheaval shall pass. Previous mistakes may come back and cause issues. If you are single and feel you have been unlucky in relationships, you need to look at your own choices and behaviour. Have you thrown away opportunities for love? If so, learn from your mistakes and you will get another chance at happiness. We choose the lessons we are meant to learn in this life and you can change your luck by learning from your past and applying these karmic lessons to your future. Whether you are single or in a relationship, the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in a reversed position is a sign that you may experience setbacks or delays. Try to go with the flow, the only way is up. 

Money & Career (Reversed)

In a career context, the Wheel of Fortune reversed signifies a career becoming stagnant or a period of disruption and uncertainty in your career. Again, this Major Arcana card in reverse can show unwelcome changes coming. You must assess the decisions you’ve made about your career and honesty ask yourself if they have been the right choices to help you achieve what you want to get out of life. Have you seized the opportunities that were available to you? If not, don’t beat yourself up over it. Know that your current setbacks are only temporary. Use this time to learn from past mistakes and position yourself to seize your moment when the Wheel swings upwards again. Financially, don’t gamble or take financial risks when the Wheel of Fortune is in a reversed position. If you are feeling the pinch financially, this trump card can signify that you have neglected to put money aside or build yourself a financial safety net. Your current hardship will not last forever, when your finances improve, carry the lessons from this time forward with you.

Health (Reversed)

In a health context, Wheel of Fortune reversed can indicate that you may be finding upheaval or disruption in another area of your life is having a knock on effect on your health. Try to remain positive and avoid letting pessimism take over.  While change can be stressful, especially unwelcome change, remember that even if you can’t control the situation, you can control how you let it affect you. Don’t try to stop events from happening but make positive steps to take care of yourself and your body even through the tough times and your health will benefit.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, you may feel like the universe is working against you and nothing is going your way with the Wheel of Fortune reversed. This may be testing your faith but even through our darkest days, the universe has a plan for us all. Don’t lose faith! Instead use this time to deepen your connection to your higher self. This trouble will pass, try not to resist the changes it brings and you will come out a more connected spiritual person.

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